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What Is Revision?

Revision is the process of revising a writing in order to improve it. The revision process consists of two different stages: editing and proofreading. Although many people use these terms interchangeably because both demand close and careful reading, they focus on different aspects of the writing and employ different techniques:

  • Editing – it consists in a bilingual review of a writing. With regard to a translated document, it is a critical quality assurance stage during which the editor carefully compares the target text against the source text, refines the translation and checks such key aspects as grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, omissions, accuracy, consistency, compliance with industry and client’s terminology and style guide and adherence to the reference material.
  • Proofreading – unlike editing, it is a monolingual review of a writing. It represents the final stage of the writing process and is intended to simulate the end user experience. In regard to a translated document, proofreading involves checking for spelling, grammar and other linguistic elements to ensure that the final translation is consistent with industry terminology, style and writing conventions, meets all client’s requirements as well as the purpose of the translation and, ultimately, no longer reads like a translation.

Revision Services, at Your Service

I provide high-quality editing and proofreading services as part of the translation workflow as well as standalone options.

My translation process comprises both stages so as to enable me to bring a fresh perspective to the text. To this end, I will undertake a thorough analysis of your written material to enhance the impact of the message you wish to convey. I will carefully align the accuracy of my translations with the original texts by editing and reworking the content and style of the translated documents to ensure a proper match along with the best outcome.

I also provide comparative editing and proofreading of translated texts as well as original content, including dissertations, blog posts and promotional material. I will review the final draft of your documents and, where appropriate, improve the language quality of your texts to ensure that every document I deliver has met my stringent quality standards.

Whether you are looking for a full translation to expand your business reach or just a revision to refine your message, my language services will be ready to help you do just that!