Meet Leonardo

My name is Leonardo La Malfa and I’m an Italian translation and localization professional with a passion for transcreation, copywriting and digital marketing.

Ensuring my clients’ success with the utmost quality has been driving my work ever since I began providing language services from English and Spanish to Italian – two language pairs in which I have 16 years of experience, along with a BA in Translation and Interpreting and an MA in Translation Studies.

I have a special interest in two seemingly opposite aspects of the human nature – creativity and precision – which I consistently apply to my language projects, being mainly focused on marketing, advertising and technical contents.

Off work, I am also a bonsai enthusiast. When my fingers are not busy typing away to ensure your success, I am learning the art of patiently caring for these small trees. In a way, I guess they best embody that “technical creativity” I am so fascinated with.

Where Do I Shine?

While the projects I complete fall within a wide range of text types, I do shine when transcreating promotional material to convey my clients’ message to their target audiences by speaking not only their language, but their culture and, ultimately, their “personality”.

What Do I Avoid?

Mostly financial, medical, chemical, engineering, and political content.

My Specialties and Areas of Expertise

I specialize in:

  • Advertising/Marketing – creative transcreation, marketing collaterals, commercial advertising, market research, public relations, blogs, social media
  • IT – software localization, SaaS products, hardware, systems, networks, internet, computers, mobile devices
  • Telecommunications – corporate communication solutions, unified communication and collaboration platforms, contact center tools, digital communication, omni-channel engagement
  • Business/Commerce – website localization, business communications, retail and wholesale, services, e-commerce
  • Legal – contracts, lease agreements, terms and conditions, policies and disclosures
  • Audiovisual – promotional videos, product demos and presentations, tutorials, webinars and events

Looking for the Right Words? You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Lost for words? We all look for them, especially in translation. Some chase simplicity, others after perfection. But only a few language chefs can turn an alphabet soup into a meaningful message.

When words fail you, I got them at my fingertips to help you shape your thoughts by sharing the secret ingredients behind my recipe for success.