Product vs Value

When you purchase language services from me, you’re not buying a cookie-cutter feature or a one-size-fits-all product, but the value and benefits that come with a comprehensive, customized professional service. However, I acknowledge trust comes at a price – and this is where my discount scheme comes into play!

2020 Discount Scheme

Given last year’s success, the 2019 discount scheme was extended to 2020, as well – now including also subtitling. Let’s break it down:

Welcome Discount: I am pleased to offer a one-off 10% discount on my language services to any new client, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a little peace of mind while pursuing success.

Volume Discount: in order to encourage long-term collaborations benefiting both parties, I am pleased to apply a monthly incentive in the form of a 5% discount to:

  • All volumes over 20,000 weighted words a month assigned for translation or revision.
  • All volumes over 800 minutes a month assigned for subtitling.

The monthly discount will then increase to 10% once:

  • The weighted word count reaches the 100,000 threshold a year for translation/revision.
  • The minute count reaches the 15,000 threshold a year for subtitling.

The monthly discount will increase to a final 15% once:

  • The weighted word count exceeds the 150,000 threshold/year.
  • The minute count exceeds the 22,500 threshold/year.

CAT-Tool Discounts: a discount grid is also available for projects that require the use of a CAT tool with relevant TMs and TBs.

You don’t want to miss this deal, so request your custom quote today!