Safe and confidential handling of client data – this is my philosophy of data security and privacy.

Standard Security Procedures

Data Encryption

One of my fundamental security practices is taking extreme care to prevent confidential project files and content from being accessed by unauthorized parties. My storage drive is encrypted and files are stored only in encrypted form. My client list, invoices and other such records are secured.

Data Disclosure

I am experienced in working with highly confidential content. Business data is never disclosed to third parties, reference materials are always kept confidential and client translation memories (TMs), termbases (TBs) or glossaries are not reused. I do not disclose my clients’ identities or contact information nor those of their clients or vendors. I consider communications with my clients to be confidential and do not disclose emails or other such correspondence. Moreover, I do not subcontract or outsource work.

Password Protection

My work computers and office network are password-protected and have up-to-date antivirus and firewall software. I have a professional approach to credentials involving multifactor authentication, strong, unique passwords and periodic rotation. A business password manager regularly audits all accounts in use, calling for immediate action on weak, duplicate, compromised and old passwords.

System Updates

All systems in use are kept constantly up to date to ensure the confidentiality of both present and former clients is safeguarded at all times.

Data Backup

Data is backed up remotely while work is underway. Weekly incremental and monthly snapshot backups are conducted to ensure reliability and support business continuity efforts. Routine backups are distributed across multiple storage media to provide additional backup protection.

Data Storage

After an assignment is delivered, printed texts are stored in locked archives and digital copies in encrypted storage media until they get destroyed within the time frame agreed with the client.

Optional Security Procedures

Upon request, I am willing to agree to:

  • Destroy any TMs, TBs and glossaries created specifically for a given project, upon completion.
  • Perform work remotely on systems controlled by the client.
  • Use an encrypted VPN for file transfers.
  • Transmit translated files through FTP – a secured process to ensure the files reach the client without security risks.
  • Use my email account to exchange end-to-end encrypted messages and conform to only such transfers.

Additionally, I am also willing to agree not to:

  • Complete a project using Wi-Fi outside of my office.
  • Use any cloud-based TM, optical character recognition (OCR) or other such cloud services involving disclosure of content to third-party systems.

Read my Privacy Policy to learn more on how I protect your personal data.