16 years of business, 125+ happy clients and more than 2,600,000 words translated – this is my commitment in numbers!

Facts and Figures

Since I completed my postgraduate studies, I have been successfully providing professional language services to clients across the globe. But I owe my success to all the people who entrusted me with helping them connect to the world. Without each one of them, I could not leverage the language industry as an opportunity to grow together along their journey to their own success – because I succeed only when they are successful. Your success is my success!

I began my business journey in 2007 and these are the milestone numbers I achieved since:

  • 2.6M+ words translated
  • 150K+ miles travelled for continuing professional development
  • 17K+ average daily keystrokes
  • 5K+ experience days
  • 6K+ projects completed
  • 1.5K+ words translated a day
  • 333+ nuances pondered per project
  • 125+ happy clients

Read more on my professional language services, including translation, localization, revision and evaluation, and subtitling, and see how I can help you operate more effectively in the global marketplace, convey your vision to a wider audience and realize your ambitions faster.