I am committed to helping my clients reach their goals, to customizing their experiences and to making a difference.

There are many language service providers who can leverage this commitment, but I have 3 aces up my sleeve to help me stand out from the crowd.

1. Qualified

I am a certified and qualified professional, always ready to offer high-quality language services. My academic and professional training provided me with a solid background that I can put to work for the benefit of my clients.

BA in Translation and Interpreting – I have a Bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpreting from the Università degli Studi di Messina. I received the EU Erasmus scholarship in 2005 and spent a semester at the University of Warwick, focusing on professional translation. My dissertation, entitled “Subtitling. Condensing Images into Words”, was an in-depth study of the discipline from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

MA in Translation Studies – I was awarded the degree of Master of Arts in Translation Studies from the Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies of the University of Warwick. My dissertation, entitled “What use are translators in a globalised post-modern Babel Tower? On translation, mediation, and some other lies”, was published in 2011 by Lambert Academic Publishing.

Continuing Professional Development – top quality requires constant improvement. In order to ensure that my professional expertise is constantly updated for the benefit of my clients, I regularly attend refresher courses on my specialties, as well as on IT solutions, especially CAT tools. I take part in multiple international webinars, workshops and conferences to keep me up to date with the latest news and trends in the translation and localization industry.

I read industry news, magazines, and blogs, listen to podcasts related to my areas of expertise, and follow industry experts, thought leaders and influencers on social media. I am a member of some online communities for freelance translators, including ProZ and TranslatorsCafé, as well as of some of the liveliest and most up-to-date national and international mailing lists for professional translators. I love reading almost anything to broaden my cultural horizons, from novels and specialized articles to essays and instruction manuals – all in their original language only – including consumer magazines, which help me focus on the underlying marketing strategies by analyzing the content creation process. I also enjoy watching undubbed movies and television series, above all with subtitles, so as to analyze the translation solutions that were applied.

I regularly travel to enhance my cultural and linguistic knowledge. I travelled the length and breadth of Italy and also visited many places of interest abroad, especially in various English/Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, UK and USA.

2. Experienced

Working in the language industry on textual material from a variety of companies and individual clients, I built up experience that gave me the opportunity to develop invaluable marketable qualities such as sense of initiative, proactive behavior and specialized expertise. I have been working as a provider of language services such as translation, localization, revision and subtitling since 2007, completing projects that fall within a wide range of text types, from the most complex, like research publications, quick start guides and business websites, to the most discursive and creative, like blog posts, promotional communications and marketing collaterals.

With 16 years of experience in the linguistic field, my main areas of expertise are IT and marketing. As a member of some of the most enthusiastic, quality-oriented and client-focused teams in the language industry, I help provide language services to market-leading SaaS companies and advisory firms in the field of technology services.

Experience is never enough, though! That’s why I am flexible and always willing to try new software, learn new skills and gain more knowledge.

3. Focused

My primary focus is helping clients operate more effectively in the global marketplace and realize their ambitions faster. I strive to ensure they reach their objectives quickly and achieve long-lasting success, whether in business, study or personal communication.

My strong sense of identification with my clients’ projects means that I am constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they are not aware of yet. To this end, I adopt a proactive approach to problems to make sure they turn into opportunities each of my clients can benefit from. This sense of identification also means I value and promote seamless collaboration with any of my clients’ own teams to enable their success and ensure they obtain the best value from their experience. As a consequence, I strive to share the experience gained over the years to bring exceptional linguistic knowledge to projects as well as a deep understanding of cultural issues.

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