Your Italian translator for English and Spanish content.

What Is Translation?

A translation project is comprised of multiple stages. Translation is the first stage and consists in a source-to-target adaptation of meaning carried out by native-speaking professionals with an in-depth experience of the relevant industry.

Rewriting Originals, Original Rewriting

My work process follows a set of tested and proven steps designed to ensure the best possible outcome. For best quality, I systematically use Computer-Aided Translation Tools (also known as CAT tools) to perform translations and pay particular attention both to consistency regarding my clients’ instructions, style, terminology and other reference material as well as to the purpose of the translation in terms of cultural transfer and adaptation to the target audience.

In short, my workflow mainly consists of two vital stages:

  • Listen – my clients come first. I always listen to them very carefully in order to fully understand their unique requirements.
  • Tailor – then, I tailor my service to suit their specific needs.

My translation process can also be broken down into a number of key steps designed to ensure my clients’ success:

  • Authoring – the original document is created by the client before presentation to me.
  • Analysis – the needs of the document are assessed and clarified. I verify the subject matter, expertise needed and the intended audience.
  • Quotation and scheduling – an estimate is made, which includes the schedule and completion time of the project.
  • Briefing – clear arrangements are made with the client about all aspects of the job.
  • Project set-up – Translation Memory files (TMs), termbases (TBs) and references are assembled, and the documents are prepared for production.
  • Translation – content is translated, using specific software where appropriate. I do not subscribe to machine translation. The material that I translate will, however, be included in an electronic memory so that the client’s terminology remains consistent during follow-up translations.
  • Revision – the translation is compared against the source text and carefully reviewed for accuracy and quality to make sure that content and style are perfect and every aspect of the client’s initial requests has been satisfactorily met.
  • Revision validation – changes from revision are implemented.
  • Final check and delivery – after technical processing and a final check, the document is converted into the final format and the completed project is delivered to the client.
  • Client approval – the client receives and examines the final product and responds with comments or feedback. Any amendments are discussed and re-worked. My policy is to consider every project incomplete until the client gives final approval.

Translations That Speak Your Language

I believe translations should speak the author’s mind by communicating the original message in a very natural way. While easing my clients’ tasks by reducing their effort level, my main goal is to rewrite their content to let it sound smoothly and flow as if originally written in Italian. So just focus on the message – I’ll let it speak for you!